Enrolling Now, Starting July 20!

All workshops capped at 12 people each. Each Location TBA upon Enrollment. Write to to enroll. Or call 305-450-9931


1. The Quest for Collaboration taught by Vanessa Garcia -- Sunday, July 20, 2014 1pm-4pm
A workshop that focuses on the heart and soul of collaboration --- how and why to do it. Here, we will explore famous collaborations and engage in our own. All are welcome -- whether you're an artist looking to learn to merge your skills with another, or whether you're a business partner learning how to bring collaborative creativity to the office. Ages: 18 and up

2. Cut it out!: Cut-Out Stop-Motion Animation taught by Sherill-Marie Henriquez  -- July 26, 2014 1pm-5pm
Using paper, scissors, and a camera, Sherill-Marie Henriquez will lead workshopees in making their own short stop-motion animation films.  Ages: 16 and up

3. Creative Yoga taught by Christina Algeciras and Vanessa Garcia -- July 27, 2014 1pm-4pm
This workshop combines yoga with creative writing, allowing writers at any level (or people that want to start writing) to delve into a deeper self before hitting the blank page. Ages: 16 and up

4. Communication Workshop for Non Actors taught by Miriam Kulick  --  August 23, 2014 1-4pm
Through acting exercises, improvisation, movement & relaxation, Miriam Kulick, teaches workshopees to enhance interpersonal relationships, develop public speaking & communication skills, build confidence, and reduce stress. Whether you are aiming to enrich your personal or business pursuits, this workshop promises to be both fun and functional. Ages 18 and up

Prices for All workshops:
1 class for $80
2 classes for $100
3 for $150

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