A Call For Writers, Visual Artists, Videographers, Filmmakers, Dancers, Poets & Multidisciplinary Artists

Pool (No Water) by Mark Ravenhill is a play about art and the people who make it. It does not, however, elevate "craft" or talk about the bohemian experience with awe or admiration. This is a darkly comic and sometimes savage critique of what it means to live life out as an artist and to survive among competitors. It's brutally honest and disturbingly funny.


Thinking Cap Theatre is producing the regional premiere of Pool (No Water) from February 21-March 8, 2014 at Muse Center Arts in Ft. Lauderdale. As part of the production, The Krane, in collaboration with Thinking Cap, invites artists from the South Florida community to become part of the show.

We invite poets, cinematographers, visual artists, and writers to send us flash lit, poetry, and/or videos, as a response to the following prompt:

All artists wake up some mornings and ask themselves: Why? Why have I chosen this as my career path? Whether you're looking under your cushions for gas money, or waking up to a particularly harsh review; whether you're stuck in the muck of writer's block or working silently, but without recognition...the question arises: Why?! We want you to explore the reasons you ask yourself this question -- tell us a particular story, if you like; tell us what it's like on those mornings or late nights when you question art, yourself, what you do. You can also tell us what brings you out of this slump. What brings you back to art? Be as specific as you can. Make it personal, make it yours, make it real...whether it's inspiring or just plain ugly, tell us, but most importantly, be truthful.

What to Submit: Poems, flash fiction/non-fiction, and videos.

Deadline: February 1, 2014 by midnight, no later.

Word Count: Written submissions must be 250 words or less.

Film Requirements: Videos can be simple selfie-videos of you telling us a story, or they can be edited and more elaborate short films. Videos must be 1 minute or less.

Where to Submit: Please email submissions to info@thekrane.com. Should you be shy, or simply want to remain anonymous -- send your material to: The Krane @ 3232 Coral Way #710 Coral Gables, FL 33145. Anonymous entries -- make sure we have a way to contact you in case you are a winner.

Cover Letter Guidelines: Please submit a cover letter with author name, title of piece, medium, and contact info (email and phone).

Winners will be announced in mid-February. There will be three winners and three runners up -- one in each category (Poetry; Flash Lit; and Film). Poetry and Flash Lit Winners will be invited to read their work on opening weekend (Feb. 22) and their winning submissions will be printed in the program.  Film Winners will have their work screened for audiences during pre-show throughout the run of the production.

First prize is $50 plus a complimentary ticket to the show (one for you and a guest); Runners Up in each category will receive $25 plus a complimentary ticket to the show (one for you and a guest). In addition, all winners will be acknowledged in the program for the production.

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